Data Acquisition & Transmission Systems

Prophase Energy specializes in remote oilfield wellhead data acquisition and transmission systems.
Traditionally, oilfield operators are required to do long distance driving or boat or helicopter rides just to check on data on wellhead or production tree, used for checking the health of the wells and for making decisions on production systems optimization or well intervention.  Common data include casing, tubing, and surface pressures, temperatures, and flow rates.

Our goal is to enable our clients collect critical data from the wellheads and to get such data to their desktops without needing to send operators to the fields; reducing exposure and risks associated with field trips, enabling instant notification of changes in Well parameters and quick decision making.

We work with the customer to determine critical data requirement for your field, production systems and develop a bespoke system to serve your needs.

  • + Eliminates unnecessary trips to remote Well sites
  • + Improve Operations and Safety
  • + Improve Intervention Responsiveness
  • + End-to-End data encryption ensures data security, integrity, and safe operations.


Contact us today and learn how we can support your business to get easy access to your field data, reduce logistics and operational costs and increase assets uptime.