Digitization & Automation

The goal of wireless automation technology is the same as the traditional or legacy wired system; to collect critical data from one or multiple locations and to remotely transmit acquired data to the end-users for analysis and decision making.

Prophase is an innovative provider of wireless communications and industrial automation solutions. In partnership with global digital data acquisition and transmission leaders, we are pioneering the industrial digitization and automation solutions in Africa. Whether it is a new or an existing asset, Prophase Energy will support the Oilfield Operator by deploying wireless automation equipment to monitor critical data. By providing remote access to critical data, Operators are able to make better decisions that lead to improved productivity, operational safety and reduced operating cost.

Our products are designed and manufactured for safe installation on drilling rigs, oil and gas process plants, surge vessels, chemical injection and wastewater management systems.  The end-to-end data encryption ensures the secure delivery of transmitted data.

By implementing wireless technologies, cable tray installations and the need for electrical conduits and cables are eliminated from installation time and cost, leading to a significant shortening of the systems’ deployment time, lower cost and quick access to field data.