Well Construction Services

Tubular Running Services – TRS

Provide personnel, equipment and tools for Well Construction services

Prophase work with the client to conduct detailed operations review, design the optimal running procedure and select appropriate tubular handling and running tools.

Tubular Goods Inspection and Preparation: Inspect tubular goods for defects and ensure they meet industry standards. Prepare, clean and take and record tally of the tubulars.

Handling and Running Tubulars: Prophase TRS provides handling tools to safely lift, position and run tubulars into the wellbore. We have a range of equipment and tools for conductor piling, drill pipe, conventional and top drive casing and tubing running, make-up, break-out and torque monitoring.

Our Top Drive Casing Running Tool, designed to be used on top drive equipped rigs in both casing running and casing drilling operations eases make/break connections, fill, circulate, rotate, reciprocate and cement through capabilities.

Prophase torque control systems are used to monitor the torque turn values when making up tubular connections (Drill pipe, Casing & Tubing).  Flaws in the make-up process will be readily shown in a graph.