Wellhead & Production Facility Management

Prophase Energy Services employs a team of experienced engineers and technicians to deliver a range of wellhead and flow station maintenance, integrity, and engineering services.

We maintain, service, repair, refurbish or replace wellhead and flow station equipment and deliver integrity checks and the safe commissioning and operation of assets.

Wellhead Maintenance

Barrier verifications, validations, and diagnostics

At various phases of a well’s life cycle we support the Field Operators to manage the integrity of the well barriers or elements through our three-point verification, validation, and diagnostic methods. The verification includes pressure measurements, integrity testing, well logging  and measurements. Observations or field reports are validated against set standards or expectations. If anomalies are observed, results of the diagnostic process will determine advice to Operator on remedial actions.

We support Customers with a remote monitoring system to quickly review the field reports and make informed decisions on remedial actions, planning and field operations. Our highly skilled Field Engineers and Technicians are available to visit the customer locations to inspect and check on the integrity of Wellhead, Tree Valves, and other components.

First Line Services – FLS

Prophase Energy maintains a mobile test and service cabin with toolkits for onsite inspection, testing and servicing of well control panels, manual and actuated gate valves, safety valves and control and pressure relief valves.

  • + Record General Wellhead Condition
  • + Record Wellhead and Casing Pressures
  • + Lubricate and function test gate valves
  • + Perform Integrity Tests
  • + Risk Assessments and action prioritization


Second Line Maintenance – SLM

Prophase Energy Services SLM includes carrying out of detailed repairs and possible replacement of defective Wellhead and Tree components based on reports from First Line Service. We have equipment for the installation of temporary well barriers such as back-pressure valves for safe Wellhead and Tree components repair. Our workshop are equipped to carry out integrity checks and repairs on defective components. We maintain climate controlled storage facility to ensure the proper preservation of critical spares.

Field Operations

  • + Installation and removal of Well Barriers such as Back Pressure Valves, Casing Plugs
  • + Christmas tree Valve Repairs
  • + Gate and Seat Assembly Replacement
  • + Surface Safety Valve Repair
  • + Choke or Bean Box Replacement
  • + Wellhead and Tree Installations and Change-outs


Workshop Services

  • + Critical spares storage and preservation
  • + Repair, Refurbish or Replace Wellhead and Tree Components
  • + Equipment Integrity Testing
  • + Equipment Calibration
  • + Equipment warehousing and shipment to offshore locations


Well Freeze for Temporary Barrier

Our Well freeze service leads to reduced time and cost required to establish temporary well barriers to allow intervention when normal barriers are compromised, possible loss of containment and emergency response situations.

The Prophase Freeze Service provides a temporary ice plug to maintain pressure control, while facilitating the repair or removal of defective surface components. We offer cryogenic freeze services. Our freeze process uses copper tubing and nitrogen for the controlled freezing of lubricators, tubing, casing, and gate valves.

Well Freeze Features:

  • + Onshore and offshore applications
  • + Bespoke freezing process
  • + Wide range of working temperature


Well Freeze Service Benefits:

  • + Eliminates killing the well with expensive kill fluids
  • + Requires minimal personnel and equipment
  • + Services are provided by experienced pressure and well control personnel


Oilfield Process Plant Services

  • + Procurement and installation of flow station instruments and pumps
  • + Replacement of water treatment plant and water pumps
  • + Servicing of valves and replacement of those with defects
  • + Fabrication and Installation of piping and spools
  • + Repair, replacement or upgrade of oil, gas and water metering systems